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Big TV we’re gonna play tough it this is like the old school clockwork game let’s do it yeah it’s turning up like a yeah you know what I want to live in a mushroom house, just like that one yeah those guys literally ups the other cuphead all bosses furnace oh I didn’t know that well that’s this is not, yeah anytime there’s a bone yeah I can take well you just gotta leave and money signs inside if you, know what those cups are drinking put it in the comments. Below yeah it’s got the crackles in the game yeah, my old school movies and television static like we’re listening to a record looks a little bit like Mickey Mouse right a little bit that’s all wrong like this oh down a chute exit chute oh there you go, it’s a very flat so you, got a pressed chop while you go over that yeah limited coins imitating well it’s good to have coins all right Gramps we’re.

Done with that oh it’s like a Mario map yeah they cherry picked off some of the best, right button looks like a good button was read what do you think you lost his eye this is future yeah I just know that I. Didn’t do the tutorial you just took a look at it look at this guy he’s like okay, when you gettin tired of us future puppy was not even fair there is plenty that’s why they said running you gotta like you gotta, just get out of, the way why I said you did push the red button next to shoot your finger blaster entre I know we do bution.

This is like it reminds me of like oh yeah you didn’t get me okay if you know what these creatures are we were on the first level all.

Right all right I got six inches further in, the game running fingerblast but again that is true I think if we had like real blasters. Wait where’s the super super when you’re in a pickle what do you push the super I knew we should hit points like, oh you actually got further than me I was a sad day what’s the most people little flowers you actually have further than me that was yeah green on.

This one random once you did that good I’m not gonna look [Applause] [Laughter] I’m just a so, just so you know don’t eliminate them they hurt they come chase you okay [Applause] I’m limited retries. By that so it’s good which is really nice they start to people just kind of like right if statewide.

You side you’re here because you’re not taking care of people you’re running past them letting us do it shoot. Yeah I’m just running he’s just running that’s when I came, across if you don’t yeah yeah mister show you guys just kill everything secret already notice this the words that popped up did say running I tell you and you guys are.

Just running [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] it took us an hour hey thanks for watching boom subscribe to see some more cuspid, yeah I.

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