– Oh, I killed him cuphead bosses!Uh oh, what is this? – Kill it.Die! – Get that guy!What is so wrong about getting that guy!?Ah! – ♪ (8 bit intro) ♪ – Cuphead.’Cause they.

Matchwill get red hot. It’s on.- It’s. On. – Man, they’re throwinga lot of stuff at you. – I’m back here. – Ah. – Whoops! – Oh, I died.I didn’t even see that.

Got me. – It’s too much for me., – I give up.(laughs) Do I have a white towelto throw in? – I’ll take all your fire ants!Your little tadpoles! Get him!(laughs) Ah, no!Oh,, that’s it guys. My will to survive has beentrampled upon. – I did enjoy that.That was fun. It gets personal.I’m not gonna let this thing beat me. – It’s difficult,but I had a feeling that, I could actuallyfigure it out and maybe do itif I tried it off next. So I, get the ideawhat am. I supposed to do. – For young people,maybe it introduces them to cartoons of the past,which many haven’t been exposed to.So, it’s opening up a whole new avenuefor young people and then for peoplelike, myself, you know, older people.I think it’s great because then it takes. Us back. – Thanks for watching usplay Cuphead on the React Channel. – Let us know what game weshould try next down in the comments. – Bye. – Hey everybody, Derek here,one of. The React Channel producers. You know you can seebehind, the scenes of this episode and so many more if you gocheck out FBE2 Channel. They’ve got a vlog on. There.You can see everything we do behind the scenes.It’s fantastic. Go check it out! .

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