Gamings Cuphead buy presents another episode of before you buy the show we’ll give you some straight-up gameplay and my thoughts on the latest games releasing, and as usual it’s me your old pal Jake Bally doh and today we’re talking about cuphead, this game has been quite a few years in the making the first time popped up on YouTube people freaked out over, just how different look then eventually the game was picked up as a Microsoft and PC exclusive and now after delays it’s finally here you play as cop head and his pal mug man in a cartoon world. On a quest to beat some, of the devil’s debtors in order to save your own souls after a bad deal with the devil it’s a little weirder and darker than you’d expect but, it’ll surprise you now if you can’t tell obviously the visuals are, the main event here I mean look at this game but I’ll get to that in a sec because the gameplay here might actually surprise you you, blast your way through levels and boss fights with only being able to take. 3 hits yourself and you’ve probably heard it by now but the game is really hard it’s deceptively challenging yeah sure it looks like, a cool baby game but it’ll knock you on your ass it’s all about trial and error you know repetition memorizing the levels understanding the enemy’s attack patterns. And essentially just nailing a close to perfect run, to succeed it’s surprisingly more like contra than you’d expect and despite this cutesy characters and stuff it’s run and gun and boss rush. Gameplay straight up there are linear 2d levels where you fight off enemies in.

An attempt to reach the end there’s aerial shoot-’em-up levels and most importantly lots and lots of really good boss. Battles these are the main focus of the game and what you’re gonna be doing the majority of the time enemies have. Multiple stages and transformations and every single one is like an absolutely treat every time they do something different it just, looks cool while some of these bosses might piss you off and you’ll think it’s bull the game does. A good job of crushing you while feeling fair forcing you to learn and become a perfectionist so in that way when you.

Do pull off beating a large boss it takes up the whole screen you get the rush of a sense of accomplishment and, that’s really the reason why the main hook of the game works so freakin well well I, appreciate the variety of level types I didn’t really enjoy the linear levels as much while I loved the way they felt like, a race against time and death the inclusion of them just felt a little bit more phoned in and just a bit meh and, kind of paled in comparison to all the awesome boss battles gameplay wise you can shoot you. Can charge up your stored, energy and use a charged blast you have a dash button as well as a parry counter that has varying uses against like glow pink objects in the world powering and bouncing between these objects and. Jumping and dashing it can give levels almost like a cool rhythm to it which means that what it works and when you’re in.

It it feels really good cuphead also gives you a surprising amount of tools. To use a year disposal you’ll wander around this like world. Map to find new zones and areas to fight bosses and it’s here you can find different ways to earn coins and to spend it most importantly as shops to buy upgrades for, your character since you can swap between two weapon types on the fly while you’re, playing you can buy new weapons to equip like more powerful blasts long-range weapons spread and they all have, their specific uses now if you can’t tell the. Visuals are probably the main draw of the game but with the gameplay to back it up it’s definitely not a bad thing these are like lovingly hand-drawn cetl animated characters and enemies built completely from the. Ground up the enemies take up really big portions of the screen and always have tons of crazy, attack patterns and weird facial expressions and just look more. Alive than stuff I’ve seen in other games recently the level backgrounds are watercolor art and the way things come alive in the foreground reminds me so much, or like some of my old favorite cartoons it just all manages to be like extremely old school but still, a bit weird and edgy at the same time it’s like a perfect balance and I really do like it. Also the music really matches the old timey visuals and it’s just as.

Ambitious though it’s all orchestrated and big band stuff which meshes really well with the gameplay but most importantly it’s actually really catchy music I keep finding myself.

Like humming some of the songs to myself like a weird crazy person now back to the gameplay this is a weird complaint but, because the visuals and presentation are so. Amazing and all that that the challenge is gonna be a turn-off to some while while you can choose between simple and regular battles people aren’t gonna want to hear this but I wish. There was an easier mode. For younger players or those who just kind of want to enjoy seeing the work put into. This game but on the contrary I do also think this is very much like a get good gamers game and I think it’s better for that, but I just wish there were some more options but one option I do really like is the drop-in co-op which. Works fantastically the screen gets a little busy sometimes and you may lose your bearings occasionally but it’s great and for, me almost the preferred way to play because sometimes you’re gonna need the help it’s completely couch co-op, though I really hope they add online co-op because some of us don’t really, have nearby friends and it just feels like honestly a bad omission but I will say though as a couch co-op mode this is the most fun I’ve had sharing a screen with a friend, next to me in a really long time and I. Do got to acknowledge it is also a total bummer for some folks that this is an xbox exclusive but but thankfully at the very least it’s also. On Windows and on Steam and can run on some lower, end stuff also I always say having that Xbox play anywhere feature is pretty nice so. Points for that so overall I’ll say cuphead has a few missing parts but you’ll find yourself putting at least seven hours or so of fun into it unless you’re like a god and. You can beat the game really quickly with the really satisfying challenge and, shockingly fun couch co-op for me it’s one of the better $20 gaming experiences you can find right now I’m really glad cuphead turned out to be pretty good but.

Of course that’s just me you know before you buy works I’ll give you some pros and cons, and some personal opinion but now I want, to know how you guys are feeling on this game maybe if you’re an Xbox player you picked it. Up or maybe you’re playing it on your computer I want to hear how you guys feel if you’ve been playing it alone I, want to hear how you’re doing with a difficulty I’m sure some of you guys are just gonna say you’re the best of the game ever but hey nobody’s perfect. But I do want to hear what you guys are, thinking about this game whether you’re playing it or if you’re on the outside. Looking in let’s talk if you got any other questions for me I’ll be down in the comments but I’ll also be as always on Twitter Facebook. And Instagram @j Calvino as well but you guys know the deal clicking the like button does help, me out it lets me do more before you byes over here and clicking the subscribe button is good if you haven’t because we put out stuff every single day but.

As always thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time .

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