Don’t Deal with the Devil

Cuphead game Don’t Deal with the Devil Each fight you know you get to you get to you to choose is this a debtor I don’t know but I have an extra hip point so it but I mean the weakens. My attack that’s kind of odd all right I’m ready even with the -, it seemed like it seemed like oh god no oh my gosh take that huh come on gosh this guy’s, super range hi all right goodness no how do I I don’t even really know how to avoid something like that have 1 hp left the. Limits oh my. Gosh what do I have to fight this guy now there’s like three wings for this guy all. Right here goes I understand the movement patterns that they’re you geez Louise no I got I ran right into him geez man better back up from that, go what the heck I just wasted an HP for no real reason Oh I guess I maybe need to duck more I don’t know I totally missed a.

Sure when I’m gonna go through like, now there you go how’s that is there a way to tell when the UFOs are, gonna shoot there we go got her got her don’t don’t do it I will her face man again just amazing looks oh sorry that what took so long but I mean come on , nice I gotta pee okay I’ll take the B whoo that one was a tough fight, again I don’t know how long world one even is I was thinking like joy just trying.

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