Cuphead download everybody and welcome to childhood games we have been anticipating this game for Oh in a long time once upon a, time in a magical place called inkwell Isle there were two brothers named cup head and mug man whoa they lived without a care under the watchful eye of the, wise elder kettle one day the two boys wandered far from home and despite the elder kettles. Many warnings and of the wrong side of the tracks and entered the devil’s casino inside Cup had a. Mug man soon found themselves on a winning streak of the craps table Oh exclaimed king dice the casinos sleazy manager these fellas can’t lose nice run, boys laughed a newcomer the brothers cast it. Was the casinos owners the devil himself well now how about we raise the stakes he’s just with tooth grin oh damn when one more roll and the loot in my casino is yours devil boomed. But if you lose I’ll have your souls cup head blinded by the riches nodded and grabbed, the dice for a throw good no cried bug man oh devil while slamming the door you lose the brothers trampled alone or. Do them now bought these sold don’t wait for the very. Wise there has to be some other way we could repay you bug bat Stanford yes but please mister perhaps there is a devil snicker pulling out a parchment. I have here. A list of runaway to put endeavors collect their souls for me and I might be pardoned easy oh boy kicking the boys out brutally it’s nice Faro’s collect. Everyone their souls right down to cattle ver, good job yeah you read the story ok so basically they’re in their greedy little s and gambled more than they should of this this is gonna be the. Hardest thing I’ve ever done yeah concentration yeah there’s a lot of pressure on you, right now dog I mean this is probably the hardest part of the Oh No all right listen ok bricked up no Dalton can do it no please god no don’t just okay just. I’m so hyped to see like all, these animations and in this game because I’ve been seeing that stuff on tumblr not tumblr Twitter Oh God excuse my part in my mistake um yeah some really good, okay let’s see what does the apple boy want looks like you’re in for. It now uh well I used to be the same way I.

Always got into trouble rotten jumpin shootin but now I prefer just roll it around or go into the pictures thanks random asshole – can we get some at the shop now oh, dude you’re scary.

Do we get an extra we can get an extra hit point yeah yeah let’s get the extra hit point we’re gonna in need them oh so I use my money Oh mr. big pig with, a new eye patch oh jeez, guys you equip the new purchases if you want to use them working your equipment cards your bums ah you don’t I love that voice can I just be super, honest real quick there’s to be a little honest what kind of turns me on the me I. Don’t have an explanation were they good let’s go mister running gun oh okay dude just ending their lives like it’s no big deal. Oh that’s a lot of bull oh we, could play video games guys don’t worry oh my god he was perfect did they make this game like specifically to with people like me who can’t play video. Games cops yes cuz I’m shopping you can’t play video games let’s be very clear I got to get, used to games like this after like it takes me the amount of time I give myself before let’s please. Perfect we gonna play games like this while talking I pretty much eat perfect a game to.

Be able to play and talk at the same time I have a feeling I have and he’s gonna, be like Shantae yeah and Sonic oh come on Sonic wasn’t that bad um I wasn’t that bad in Sonic leave you alone, awful I saw what I went to supersonic a couple times no this is it. No salt toy games right here everybody another episode of salt okay any any platforming games which is just titled okay. I’ll toy it alright platforming games they’re just challenging alright the the developers know they’re making a challenging game so they.

Make it a challenging game, but at least this is a nicest-looking a game I’ve seen in a long time there’s a lot of time your biggest downfall is. Not using like the right technique at the right time so hey excuse me think quick I’m just saying different things. Okay I do that but I have to talk at the same time have you ever done that you ever, had someone like talking in your ear while you’re trying it makes it difficult it may sound like all. Your I mean simple but we played but god dude and we shouldn’t kill me this is intense there’s so many yes oh dude alright you gotta hold it right right. My brain process that a little late okay Don I have a super idea for, you what oh why are you so angry cuz you’re gonna crashing no I’m not I’m saying maybe you should play it in your free, time as well so you can get it I will eventually get good, at this game see how I’m just trying to rush it yeah that’s a bad idea because we’re down to one, HP I know no this is not a running gun game you go and play it’s not a run-and-gun cave it’s called, running guns okay you literally can’t just like run in the shoot you got to, plan things out you got to map it out in your brain yeah I knew.

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