Come on come on family Joe look we had it I ed it up there so yelling scream at me Joe cuz, I ed it up cuz I had so many lives and I waited them all at last time no I can’t let this defeat you Joe ready and I will let you have today you, go battle but not the war I will be back next time cuphead is one of the most purposefully hard games I’ve ever. Played no no no no this game isn’t be me I’ll, be Nick and Damned it’s just that addicting kind of hard as hell that you. Just want to force yourself through kind of like a cartoon version of that Dark Souls mentality I know you know that this is easy Joe this game will change. Man it’s basically a. Series of multi-phase boss fights and because each boss is so damn frigging creative each and every one and in multiple forms. And functions that it’s almost worth the price of admission alone just to see all the crazy ass.

Forms that they take one you wanna yeah take a rocket take out another why you tell me about no UFO I just saw your buzzing oh there’s a UFO you lost him, soon and I was only half a moon I also loved how the world is tied together with this classic deal with the devil. Storyline that fits right into the theme the world is explorable through. A nostalgic feeling overworld map that ties these various entertaining boss fights together. Around the map you’ll find other game types on offer just like the fun run and gun sections they on the move burning gun Oh one of us, should have tested that out he’s about to win these will afford you the opportunity to collect valuable coins that you could then spend on, new items abilities supers and weapon shot types at the various shops and trust me you’re gonna need some of, these to beat certain bosses so you’re gonna be doing. Some sort of like backtracking and testing things out here and they’re just experimenting swapping out weapons both in the actual gameplay and when you back up.

And on the overworld map just to see which works best for you and which works best on each box it’s really. Very solid meta play and the gameplay being so good combined is just it’s a fantastic experience no you know what I’m not . It this is not beating me I don’t beat this way. This there is no quit in I wait a minute but in my opinion what helps the game the most is it’s absolutely unique and stunning look and, sound the animations are perfect it, is absolutely breathtaking and just joyfully interesting to look at you’re basically playing a 1930s cartoon and it does a flawless recreation of this style from from you. Know the cartoons i used to watch as a kid this reminds. Me Joe of one of my favorite cartoons so on with the owls I wanna sing it about the moon, and a tuna and a tea for two uncle Sammy what’s more is that the jazzy music is classy and catchy is bucked which somehow makes the insane amount, of restarts that you’re gonna be doing tolerable in a way that not many other games can, pull off I mean not once did I get sick of any of those tracks no matter how, long it took me to beat a boss and that’s quite. An underappreciated feat I feel like well done there the simple fact is the game just oozes charm from from everywhere the bosses have some really clever and mean as hell talks now. You only have to deal with the haha fitting, isn’t it I’m a blimp you’re a wimp no you did this no punk beat you fun piece this stuff just reeks you wanna play immediately again to frickin get, revenge now be warned okay although, there is a simple mode but even that’s no joke the normal mode is gonna take you probably between 10 to 20 restarts on each boss just to get down all the patterns and sort of familiarize yourself, with each section, it can be a test of patience for sure you’re gonna get mad as these games you’re probably gonna lash out in anger and then, just get so frustrated that you yell at your friends just go when I go you see me I’m gonna. Go on that first one alright okay first table ready to go see, that that’s totally Joe’s fault especially in co-op Joe dude you didn’t go you got it you got it now no no no no no we don’t know, okay right behind we do not leave a coin behind do this whole thing over again Joe Joe what the I can’t I. Can’t it is a freaking emotional roller coaster that you’re going on here the flame Oh forgive. Me Joe oh my god but holy when you finally overcome it all and beat. That first boss or that damn boss that’s been taunting you that whole time it is so.

Ridiculously satisfying as hell wait I don’t care what grade I get done oh it is done I’ll take a see. It is in my opinion that just because this game is hard as that shouldn’t affect the score right there there’s no ridiculous, difficulty spikes from being impossibly easy to impossibly hard it’s just impossible to start with right and somehow yet it. Ramps it up from there naturally as you go, from world to world you’ll get a little discouraged so when you do super messes you up what how the those red they come to god damn I think we need a little break my heart I, got blisters on my fingers I fingers heart it lures you on cartoon visuals thinking. Ah this game there’s gonna be. Live for kids for you is what it does but you’ll also skill up and hone your game and. Then just along with the experience on their own never want to see any bugs either go over ever again. Between delayed in between this one comes to our side ciao why don’t you know the pattern I know we’ve done a thousand times pattern under over and between delayed in between god damn it I’m gonna, let that one slide this one’s coming till, it’s light as well really for me the game had very few flaws the control scheme is a bit awkward at first. But it’s something you’re gonna quickly get used to where I didn’t think it is a lasting issue however. There are a few bugs and glitches here and there such as enemies. That can just end up in an unkillable state somehow it’s got a jump over these when it come you see okay this is a problem in the game. This is wrong okay this is probably why the game, was later multiple times this makes no sense and initially being unable to switch back to the standard – after upgrading for the first time it’s it you’ll get locked into one charm if you, only, have one charm okay I take my charm off it went away for half a second did you see that’s not fair that really hurts my ability to do anything you know I’m. Stuck in this it’s a double tap No then it comes right back you can’t get rid of your charm it’s not, but these things can be ironed out in a, patch sometime later so they won’t be an issue for many people I do think though that you should really get to being vulnerable a bit longer after using, your super 1 as using it puts you in a bit of a bind most of the time and, that’s just unfair nice no see it doesn’t give me any time to recover after. The damn super I want to add this motherer but even then I, think it was balanced this way intentionally as there is another type of super super – it’s literally invincibility later on, so that may be why they made the first one kind of bad or or lacking invincibility but still I think if you have done that I think it could have helped out most players. Enjoy the game a bit better great job also if you just. Aren’t very good at these types of games like me and Joe arts you. Might feel as if additional run-and-gun sections would have been appreciated in each area just to. Get you more coins so that you can farm a bit better four more items earlier to help push you through and since this game seems to only have like one or, two for each world you’re gonna have to really push your skill ceiling higher through just repeated plays and, if you can’t do it then you know it’s a. Really good idea just to take breaks and and come back later no I tried to get you too early I tried to get you too early I hold up hold on hold on welcome, back to it and what surprised me in fact is how long the game ended up being sure. You aren’t doing much of it over and over but you still manage not to in, my opinion really get your money’s worth here there are just so many creative bosses that you’re you wanted to, stop by the end of the torturous but really fun difficulty towards the end so the final verdict for, cuphead is quite a surprising one guys it’s got very few flaws that I think could be, easily ironed out with patches not a lot of it takes away from the game I don’t normally like platformers and this game made me, really love it’s platforming sections I don’t normally like the so hard.

You have to replay it over and over and over John rooms but again here.

The game won me over time and time again it’s for me what I’ll compare these lighter hard shooters to in the future and in its current state it. Could grab a nine out of ten maybe just needing a tad bit more excellent running guns sections but when you actually consider that its price point it’s, only $20 and you get all of this and it’s made by three people, and it’s so interesting to look at and listen to that I think that all this stuff really pushes it into the ten, territory and a very easy badass seal of approval but one that comes with a warning that this, game isn’t for everyone and if you consider yourself bad at sort of platformers you’re in for a hell, of a time here perhaps it’ll be better for you in coop but I really enjoyed my time with it and I’m just so impressed then it, came from such a smaller team, it is no doubt amongst the best Xbox exclusives and one that ps4 owners should definitely seek out and play I think it’s on Steam as well so and. I hope that we see more from these guys in the, future you could tell that this was an amazing passive project for them and and hopefully. They get more resources and support to do it again ok until then I’ll see you guys on the next and Greedo show welcome back to it no do. You see what that song says we’re not gonna do a sign say let’s see well we’re not giving up now we’re coming back to it never surrender see. thank you guys so much for watching this latest angry Joe Show episode if you want to support the. Show and show your love, hit that middle button there to subscribe and notify yes it’s a little Bell I don’t know. I don’t usually ask you guys to do this but YouTube’s been crazy lately so hit that button if.

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