The Eels with three cuphead free download game after we get past this No oh my goodness oh my gosh no I got hits really I was so close to hugging it as, well come on you should be on oh my goodness no this is not going. Well this is not going well at all I’m dead I thought I was. Doing so well I was past the point why are she just changed she just. Changed that’s that’s annoying by the way guys you’re supposed to die it’s so much on this game because it’s so difficult, I can’t believe I’m that close to the end those finale is really close it’s just about learning the patterns as well they weave the learning all. About the pirates that’s all part of the game okay the red fish is coming in I don’t mind any of these I’m losing my health, on the Pirates the, Pirates are insane and this turtle this turtle is really annoying okay come on come on no really I feel like. I’m doing okay but this giraffe to deal with as well the giraffe is really annoying because it makes you go up especially if you’re little if you’re little, then it sprays you all the way to the ceiling right okay we’ve, got three HP we’re doing all right she’s getting absolutely zaps crazy woman see how do i dodge that I don’t actually know maybe I can parry.

It I don’t think so though no I definitely can’t parry it, okay I am going to explode oh of this there we go that should make our job a little bit easier, oh we can explode the Eels but why how do I dodge the gaze I don’t understand I think, we’re on the third bit oh my goodness the heads come off guys our head has come off I, died how hitting the coral ah yeah that’s so annoying haha so is so annoying I just realized one of my things is still working give me a sec, come on loads there we go right let’s retry our sub count stop gloating which is annoying right okay we. Got way further that time though but I feel like we dealt with less pirates which is always. A good thing these things I’ve got the trick down for those. It’s the yellow fish and the Pirates that get me the most this woman is absolutely insane and it, looks like we could only hit her if she has in the heads it was actually slightly more annoying. Yeah see we’re learning we’re learning but this guide to which we can hopefully get rid of yes oh my goodness yeah. See I stopped talking when I’m concentrating right let’s get it with this because that does so much damage watch out for the redfish as soon as we get the redfish out, the way I think we’re actually onto the eels with for health are we onto the eels note we’re not onto the eel has run to, the giraffe guy. Oh we aren’t alleles that’s what I’m talking about I think I need to get rid of these eels so that she doesn’t less damage. To me I’m not even sure the only thing I can do to get out of, it is by like hitting oh geez it’s by hitting the the buttons as quickly as I can before they fire off their lightning bolts that, seems to work just so many of them though No yeah see that’s how you do it I. Still a for health this could be the one this could actually be the one I need to, know that I can’t get hit by the coral though if I get hit by the coral then I’m in trouble on the next part does that mean don’t zap, me the door and zap me I think. We’re good I’ve got a special saved up as well here we go oh man right this is where we need to be super careful are there’s those things I didn’t spot those before, I’m gonna go into, the bomb do that that seems pretty good we’ve still got four health guys it’s insane actually insane the amount of time I was struggling with this earlier and it’s a knockout yeah, yes oh my goodness I can’t believe we just did that I. Could not believe we just did that that was mad you guys are definitely my lucky charm oh my goodness such a lucky charm. I can’t believe I just did that I’m gonna be as well, solid be much better okay right so that means we only have one like boss left to, do I was explaining at the beginning of this how hard it was as a game and I’m actually doing really well some of. These bosses used to take me hours maybe it’s playing on a smaller screen because when I’m playing downstairs have like a crazy big TV so all the things are just like, super-sized maybe that’s it I don’t really know but we’ve done that hopefully she gives.

Me stairs thank you for the stairs Kalama Rhea nice name right I think we’ve only got a train left and. We good I don’t need to buy anything either I, feel like I’ve got a good setup going I’m gonna change my charm – okay I’m gonna keep it as heart for now go into the railroad RAF and let’s see how we do welcome to the stream. Guys I hope you guys are enjoying yourself what is this is this, cockpit so if you haven’t checked the video out I suggest you do it after this a ghost yeah look at this guy oh this one. Of my favorites so far look at this guy this guy is insane does this help. That certainly helps okay we, are going to do this oh so you can move okay why would I want to do that though no I don’t do that why don’t be so close to him I don’t know, what to do I can see your future you will be counting worms. I guess that means because I’m gonna be in the ground I mean nice I think my uh my auto attacking things my homing missiles will be good for this just because. He kids the eyeballs before they get to me. I don’t know why it was moving though oh I see okay so I need to parry those bricks before. He sends me close okay I’m gonna start again boys cut head about it’s actually about boss fights. So every it’s like you don’t have it’s not like Sonic where you have your very own give me this give me this how do, I parry those yes there we go okay ping grids but I’m yeah Cup it’s all about boss fights to say, with something like Sonic you have a level and then a boss fight well on these ones you just have boss fights which is pretty cool I, think that we’ve got past the first bit as. Well oh my goodness this guy looks insane let’s do our special that. Also makes them you immune for a little bit – okay what are you doing whoa we don’t want that to happen I’m gonna go to my IR blue as, well my blue my green maybe my blue will be better I feel like I’m in a good position I, just need to dodge these so they don’t make my Kart go the wrong way I got you punk I’m gonna, take you down this is actually look I’m onto the arm I guess I’m on to the, next stage this is great the thing is whenever you go for a parry you’re always risking yourself on we gonna what what is this I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna die I’m so gonna die oh no no no no don’t do that please do not. Do that okay I definitely need to be in the middle do i I don’t it being.

In the middle is good no I got so far that’s not bad that’s 3/4. Of the way 3/4 let me just reply to this text quick we’re missing a program yeah that’s pretty good though so we need to make sure that we, move the Train for the things we don’t have control over the Train we only can dodge the items that make the Train move, super difficult there we go right okay let’s have another go because, that was pretty close to the end for our second try that’s pretty good and I feel like this. Is actually better because the eyeballs are really taking one, shot and dying oh come on get them get them get them get No see what I mean go for a parry and time it wrong and you. Loser you lose a life oh you can move it yourself okay I did not know that there we go so you can move it back if you need to. That’s pretty. Good we did that one pretty quickly as well nice I didn’t realize you could to hit the pumpkins too right that’s. Super old geez he got me but at least we’ve got four going on four lives we can dodge this guy we can make sure, that the pumpkin doesn’t reach okay the punk is gonna reach know if that’s not good I’m gonna. Move it backwards I try to concentrate this I reckon we can do this today guys I reckon we could at least get the boss fight going like the final boss, okay you get this guy cuz this skeleton doesn’t take that. Many hits to be able to be beaten Undead next stop your funeral such a funny guy watch such a funny guy okay the eyeballs, know that much of an issue I. Should be able to hit all of these so you can hit the pumpkin before he gets there that’s actually not too bad cuz if I stop him like that he’s not gonna stop my um he’s. Got not gonna make my cart go, all over the place okay that one’s gonna hit no no he’s ruined he’s ruined me he’s absolutely ruined, me pumpkin made me lose two lives that’s okay though because we’ve got four so we don’t mind go on them Punk we’re gonna destroy you. No I can’t time these I’ve lost my timing know that I had timing, in the first place I guess I can just sit here and fire em it’s amazing I’m gonna do my special again avoid both those hands take mad amounts of damage off of him there we go, yeah buddy all right okay so this is where it gets crazy this is where I don’t know what. To do I guess I’m gonna have to kind of move when I can it depends, which one goes off him okay, so when when they breathe in I need to move the the car underneath that’s fine how long will. This take I have no idea I just need to keep redoing it over and over again until I beat it but we’ve done two, already which is actually crazy because I haven’t done two that I’m quickly for a long time come back come, back come back there we go save that one whoa what are you doing the pumpkins. Are destroying me there we go these pumpkins main your pumpkins want me dead this is actually like a perfect Halloween level I feel like this one’s not too bad though this one’s fairly easy I should not, have done.

That that was a noob mistake can get this one easily so much damage off on him and now I can do my special as well can I get the pumpkin – yes two birds one stone. I can go underneath him here this is pretty good there we go now I just, need to look out for we’re not gonna, wait go wait go wait no yes go through so many emotions right now you to look for which one is going to breathe this one, okay I need to get out here there we go whoa that came, too close way too close which is the next one I need took out for those as well oh man this is stressing me out so stressing. Me out we’re next oh geez come on move along no I have no idea how I just survived that that was crazy. I feel like I need my special very soon he’s melted okay did not know they could, melt that’s fine as long as he stays there because that means I’m absolutely fine I’ve only got 1 hp left though which is scaring me a little. Bit I can go into, my uh I guess my green ones can I get him – is that the end it can’t be I think I’ve, got my full special and now there’s a train oh my gosh I am scared I am scared, what do I do I’m just gonna do this that’ll do for now it looks like I can. Parry this well he’s got a flaming heart guys I’m gonna use my green oh my goodness no I must have been so close watch this so close to the end this is a, long one is that you one of the longest one so, far but I feel like I can do it I wanted to get rid of that pumpkin nice whoa whoa pumpkin get out the way oh so many eyeballs this is, like the perfect perfect Halloween level I can’t concentrate I can’t concentrate there’s too many eyeballs chimney bricks chimney guys garden though yes I. Know so good. This time I just need to try and stick with as many as many HP as I can as much HP even.

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