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Cuphead Free Download game man this reminds me so much when she wasn’t an airplane she reminded me of olive oil now she’s high yeah whoa yeah see how she’s got the teeny skirt and, a little super skinny leg so so her she. Changes installation there’s pink okay okay so her attack pattern is based on the constellations that’s yeah boom boom there you go oh it doesn’t give you a little bit of invisible yeah. That’s cool to get away Oh Gemini time it’s going for Gemini so it’s random that’s so oh that’s so cool. One parry nice oh man she looks crabby you haven’t seen my final fall oh so cool Wow look at this , [Applause] I why go into these things with.

The best of intentions I’m like hey I want to be a Global Entry traveler and then all of a sudden it’s like no you can’t be. Because your password even though it fits all, of the requirements that you that we have listed on our website for some some arbitrary reason it doesn’t work. And no matter how many different you try another round of iterations and you’re still locked out but please come inside a person yes I’m trying to taxpayer wastes take advantage of that nothing nothing Stephanie. It’s hard life is hard I need a diet coke Judy the microphone on hey guys and, welcome to GT life speaking of hard things GT laughs GT dive today we’re playing cuphead today is. The day that it is finally out and available for everyone um cuphead is a game that I have without exaggeration. Been waiting for for over two years Yahoo life no just two years or so okay b3 anyway when I first saw it at e3 a couple, years ago I was blown away by it cuz it’s a hard platformer you guys knowing, like those but it’s done in an amazing art style it’s all like these hand-drawn cel animations from the era of like the, 1940s cartoons similar to bending the ink machine it’s it’s in that same wheelhouse of animation that. We talked about with the bending of the English, in theory only this is a platformer similar to Super Mario but also like a lot of really big boss battles and I love a big intense really hard boss battle, and so from everything I’ve seen about the game it’s like a couple of platforming levels and. Then just like tons of really hard bosses up my alley I am so excited about, it the game looks gorgeous I’m excited to search for theory fodder in it and today’s the. Day it’s released so I am so excited to be playing this today forgive me if I suck again this is meant to be a, very difficult platformer and it’s a first playthrough like this blind playthrough you guys so get ready for all, that all that that means knowing that Matthew is already nice and warmed up in his anger going it i’ve consorted well here what’s that yeah let’s watch this open, because I think I think a couple of, people have mentioned it son chap into the level one once upon a time in a magical, place called inkwell Isle there were two brothers named cup head and mug man see me cup head is the one in red yeah they lived without a. Care under the watchful eye of the. Wise elder kettle love this so guys like an old Disney cartoon like Disney movie to where they would actually physically. Turn pages one day the two boys wandered far from home and despite the elder kettles many warnings ended up on the wrong side of the tracks and entered the devil’s casino oh. No it looks like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio oh man inside cup. Headed mug man soon found themselves on a winning streak at the craps table down claimed king dice Wow Kim guy says oh oh very – oh.

Okay okay yeah okay here I’m gonna run up to them and you can use this oh yes oh they create so yeah, yeah I just stay out of the parallel Illuminati confirmed oh, yeah oh suck on that Jimmy the Jin did it Betty Boop right, technically I don’t know I can’t tell him cheese okay there’s a lot going on in this one right oh no okay okay so you can also parry that guy’s nose uh all right let’s try a parry hit okay, so so you, got to shoot the Ducks before you can jump over it everyone’s like Pennywise plenty wise I don’t know, this one this one doesn’t quite look like penny wise to me yeah you guys jump all the way over him yeah the. Parry this guy’s nose so there oh okay oh okay I see the oh they’re coming into the side. X there’s 6 X that they come out of both areas nose okay you can parry those but yeah this. Guy’s he can disguise elaborate man my gosh okay so he’s so cool okay okay this deftly avoided by called a nice weight was already done I think he’s got one more. Thing okay oh my gosh oh no what is this Oh at least you’re gonna, stay above it okay there’s something bad that’s it Oh totally 100% okay what’s gonna be like why are you doing things okay oh. Oh they’re loving little baseball Zak yeah oh shoot it oh that was so close okay they’re all a cup that falls off, a swing a table okay great all right it’ll clown everyone’s like oh it’s Balloon Boy there you go now. Drop in a penguin mode there. You go right start just start taking them down oh okay we’re okay you did take some of them out though I think you take one oh great okay here comes the train yes. Nice oh wow that’s greater comes the trade over oh nice yay oh that was fun Oh. Knock out Ellis I’m free to. Better boot yeah to me Oh awesome speed bonus super meter yes give me a name yes sweetie tell that I love this game hey guys thank you so. Much for watching this GT live on cuphead if. You want to see the full unhook stream with all of the boss battles all that Lincoln’s to your left and we didn’t talk, about what should be on the right so maybe we can just do one of those Google thinks this videos best for you that’ll cover our unprepared net, Arriba .

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