Okay I can do this I could do this I gotta take it nice and slick sweaty what’s up my scrub dumpers scrub daddy in the house today we’re gonna be playing this cool looking game Cuphead for mac download. Bendy and big in the cup head because.

That’s what look at this dude bhindi in this game comes out oh and let me remind you guys that, this game has to do with the devil as well I don’t know where I don’t know how but definitely something about that this, this game looks like an old style cartoon and definitely looks cool so we’re gonna give this a, shot okay just make you it looks like a cartoon blade looks awesome let’s start it up 1930 that old boy cuphead don’t deal with the devil I’m telling you if there’s not. A bindi Easter, Egg somewhere in this game I’m gonna be so disappointed once upon a time in a magical place called April Island there are I I oh there’s a two brothers named.

Puppet and monk man they lived without a care under. The watchful eye of the wise elder kettle one day the two boys wandered far from home and despite the elder kettles many warnings ended up. On the wrong side of the tracks to enter the devil’s casino inside cuphead and my friend soon found themselves on a. Winning streak at the craps table hot dog exclaimed king dice the casinos lazy manager these fellas can’t lose I love the style nice run, boys alas a newcomer the brothers cats it was casinos owner. The devil himself now how about we race snakes he suggested with a toothy grin with one more roll and all the loot my casino is yours the devil boom but if, you lose I’ll have your. Souls deal you never make a deal with the devil okay you never win now cuphead blinded by easy riches not even grab.

The dice first good gorse cupcake no Dryden bug man for he understood. The danger but it was too late where you should have known maybe you’re missed you don’t even have a brain Snake Eyes laughs a devil watch, climbing the floor you lose the brother trembled in fear as he loomed over them now about those Souls the brothers pleaded, for their very lives there must be another way to repay you bug man stammered yes please mr., Masson perhaps there is the devil snickered pulling out a parchment I have your list of might run away debtors collect their souls for me and. I just might pardon you two mugs Oh with the collectable Souls start his craft now get going the devil roared, kicking the boys out most rudely you have. Till midnight tomorrow to collect every one of those Souls otherwise I’ll be the one collecting yours cuphead and Megaman we’re terribly frightened and ran away as fast as they could come. On mug painted panted cuphead we have to find the ultra kettle he’ll know what, to do it seems a bit unfair it’s like yeah we’re just trying to save our own souls began we’re gonna go click. Other Souls doesn’t seem fair unless these people are really horrible people they’re not my, belie alright fine whatever but I don’t know I love them at a, time what a fine pickle you boys have gotten yourself into I know you don’t want to be pawns of the devil but if you refuse I, can’t bear to imagine your face you must play along for now collect those contracts and you best be ready for some nasty business your debtor friends won’t be very friendly. Once you confront them in fact I expect those transform into terrible beasts take this question so they won’t. Hang you out to dry it will give you a most. Remarkable magical abilities now go to my writing desk it use the mystery the mystical ink well there you need to prepare yourself for a scrap this. Gate what okay I did that. The steam is so it’s so we can shoot bang bang oh and we could – how cool is that so you know the, cartoons in bhindi is a machine this is basically playing them now good these graphics look okay all right this.

Is easy lock up and do it you can lock on for eight wait Amy oh yeah yeah okay so, we can pick I see all right yeah it’s a side-scrolling game yeah normally I don’t play a lot of side-scrolling games but this would look so interesting and just really fits the. Theme okay Perry slap Oh again slapping jump, in the air how cool is that Oh what is this alive Oh two-player mode there’s two-player. Mode Oh that’d be so cool we gotta get like is online I don’t know if it is I hope people did get some people in here and upgraded attactive. Requires one super meter play oh my god we can do come and have me hi hey get to walk around and stuff then this is okay. I can see this game feel like Game of the. Year or something hey fellas looks like you’re running for it now eh well I used to be the same way always getting into trouble, running jumping shooting but now I prefer. Just strolling around and going to the pictures but hey let me give you a hand take this you’ve received three goals points so why would you be like buy upgrades all right, play games before like this running gun oh it’s just like what first level or. What so I don’t I hope this gives you be hard I think it is I’ve been seeing some people claim they say it’s, funny I think they say it’s a hard games ok count amaizing a metal slugging away – I also like beautiful. Joe I don’t know the guys have heard of beautiful Joe it’s one of my all-time favorite side-scrolling games on it say other than. Mario I guess but, yeah beautiful Joe is really really fun oh God Kennedy already got hit where’s my health bar how do we know where he’ll back off give that flower spake loop seeds the beater way oh and. Oh I can’t forget Donkey Kong either oh my HP, is one that’s how I know oh no you died nowhere to run nowhere to go this force is your faux pocket honey bee killer bee. From narcs apparently that mean further the first level I would say that’s pretty difficult again I got this yeah. So I’m saying another side-scrolling game I really love his Donkey Kong this is quite not the same, you know you do shoot in fact I’m sure Mega Man it looks like Mega Man inspired this game because that’s the thing when. You shoot a lot – but man I’ve never seen. It such a take on Mega Man like this before what that gets back up the animations though you gotta like you gotta admit like I’ve never seen a game with, more beautiful animations than this Hey Oh die what the, heck they’re like Gordy are you gonna freakin flower that shoots grenades I did in the garden real, fast no no I knew that was gonna happen I wonder if there’s like secrets wait what oh my god grab this game is hard alright so doesn’t look like there’s that. Many penalties for death thank God I mean I, never really understood the point of that anyway he just makes the game freakin. Not fun all right you got this wrap this with professionals here I’ll get that coin though oh okay so you have to double tap I, see nice do we have our special you kidding me out of all things that killed me that killed me oh my old grandpappy would love this game back in his day know,. This about video games really good then kids these days we’ll play that yonder John Deere simulator what does that what it’s called Oh keV I just wasted my special great job Michael your. Disappointment your family and I’m dead alright so the best day of challenging, I like it challenge alright alright we have a feed to scrub black the challenge every now and then what do you guys have a good speed all right we. Got one HP where you can do this we do this we do this AC I said, I didn’t press do that why did i do there was no coins this, is strangely addictive even though it’s hard okay it’s all about the quickness you, gotta yeah to tap that exit but you’re not the quickness you might as well just say screw, it say see with the quickness right there see the quickness how I got hit right there nothing all right all right we got this crap this you die whoa congratulations beat you Mike I. Got over halfway I just realized that. That tells you how far you got very interesting game now’s the time group we got to go beat you model right beat you mode activated right now I know it doesn’t make it evilly you know there’s. No visual difference but I swear it’s different I’m serious now guys I’m so sorry to disappoint forget me it’s.

Okay we’ll just try again yeah I’m waiting I’m waiting for. This game yes challenging that’s what I’m waiting for it hasn’t Ed’s. Not challenging yet whoo whoo that was clean that was clean guys got it why we actually passed it we okay we officially, got farther okay okay this brassey’s the – all right whoo not today Satan I mean honestly is that what this games about him it’s really that veronik that was all right easy,, easy how could things look so cute butts be so deadly yeah I don’t understand all right all right we got this we got this we got just oh my god is that a chord maker. You’re the one doing this all all right we’re just keep sitting away oh no yeah, run it right right into him okay we used okay I felt like that was appropriate to use a special there no. Stay away from them all right all right we’ve done so well, up until now we cannot die guys believing you right scrubs I need your energy right now right now I need it oh boy oh Moo. Indeed what the heck was what do you think excuse me oh my god I was shooting it I was shooting it what else do you want three, acorns of death first of all if, you see an acorn flying through the sky with a smiley face on it you know you’ve been smoking tests. Or drugs or something you’ve been on some acid boy you need to freaking get help go to dr. Phil stop it get some help I’m not mad Oh, oh thank you for that right four seconds in the level my hp’s one already whoo whoa that was. Freakin sick guys you, got to leave a comment on that one come on leave it like that is sorta like for sure I almost I almost went right in his face again you freakin. Darn did leave right it’s on huh all right got it got it got it easy I just rush to my desk I love it no no just you, know retry it yeah if I’m gonna get hit right there I’ve.

Never try it let’s just rush the death with the quickness all right all right it’s about time we. Stop messing around because that’s clearly what we’ve been doing okay these your boats clearly has. Not been activated yet all right or else I would have won all right because when.

When beats you mike activates the VG mode it’s that’s that’s when you know it’s done it’s over good all right just close up shop for the night this is done it’s at that part every. Time every freaking time this is the first level Kate Weaver but can we remind, us can I remind you that this is, the first level they get a surges to my family oh here here okay I’m literally a trihard mode right. Now okay I can do this I could do this I just gotta take it nice and slick slutty did I really, just say that I think we’re gonna edit that out that was funny I don’t know what kind of game I’ve been playing but I think we’re playing against again I don’t know I. Don’t think this is a kids game the acorns the acres is what gets me like I can deal with everything else, but if the acorns that are, constantly falling trying to kill you it’s just a bit of a prophecy time so say okay River dodged the acorns easy easy mode all right acorns are gone now you. Gotta worry about des Plantes no I never get back up you can, scrap nope not today all right all right I got this grab this got some God’s God’s got, this all right whoo-hoo all right Bee Gee Bee Gees doing great okay all right all right huh wait for it is this it Bravo to. Me yes guys please that just overs a clap please it’s sort of comment this has, clap I would really appreciate that because I know that you’re clapping all right what time we get a minute a minute 59 dang good it’s freakin good boy five. Gold coins skill level. Two is that good that’s good oh we got a B be for Ben D – D congratulations Ben D well wowzers well, guys I think well in that there um you know I just want to give it a try and I really really like the.

Game and I would like to play more so guys if you’ve enjoyed this game in would like to see me play more please leave. A like down below today scrub, today is girly mira for drawing this really really awesome drawing I love you guys’s fan art if you guys want to be swept of the day be sure to follow.

Me on twitter you know subscribe leave a like on. The video and yeah tweet me stuff and you can become scrub of the day I love including guys. In the videos and you guys yeah again let me know what you think down in the comments um be Jimmy’s you and I’ll see you scrubs the next one. Bye guys .

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