Good for now let’s go easy and just get cuphead memes an extra hit forty okay so you get more. As you go along but we’re a little broke now we’ll just stay with that extra hit point which seems. More important at the moment alright let’s look at that a quick menu so we just have the pea shooter there we go and that so there’s quite a few upgrades you can get in order to, take out this stuff oh wow well uh three worlds plus two finale and a whole lot of souls to collect. All right. Let’s see where do we want to go first about this you can’t go down that way to the shifty-looking coin so yeah I’ll just go to the garden the root pack in bow Tanic. Panic and they are simple or regular let’s go regular let’s see. How much of a challenge this game is gotta watch out for those potatoes oh he’s getting faster ah take that oh gosh, now it’s an onion oh he’s gonna cry I was gonna say I knew. He was gonna cry so if I jump off those pink ones I can get more special meter it’s just a matter of yeah being around so I can actually do, it takes care of you I have some charge cards for that, oh gosh oh gosh this guy is definitely the hardest, version so far I’m gonna keep on will use my 8 directional movement to try to oh gosh [Applause] I need to get a. Better angle it’s only eight direction on that foot I’m like going off Samus returns logic here I have just full range and that’s not.

The case here you’re very much in oh no God the music’s so good too oh gosh this carrot needs to die come, on there we go problem is I can’t get the consistent damage on him like I was for.

Could parry yeah we’re just gonna kill you right now that oh gosh evil ACORN oh really Oh No okay so, learned can bury that unfortunately missed a coin because of it oh really it doesn’t respond ah everything else responds not that I’m. Gonna go back and try again like ah how would. A bummer oh goodness let’s take a look at our new super here soon like a dentist’s guy it feels. Like a good idea to take out the Acorn maker I see you. There little guy oh goodness I knew there’s gonna get hit just as too much going on for me you only have 1 hp left crap alright made it to. The end only problem is I missed a coin hey at least we’re sticking to bees, that’s not too bad alright let’s go sit by ourselves another another goodie from the shop alright so we got the. Chaser which has long range but very little damage not take damage during a – we can do a spread shot probably gonna be closed an automatic parry which I don’t really, need to worry about great coverage with average. Damage let’s go with the roundabout I like the idea of great coverage, so now we have the lava or medium range and good damage with slow rate of fire let’s go make sure to equip that oh this is actually boss a ruse of a news. All right let’s take on goopy Legrand okay. Lb to switch your weapon oh gosh what are you doing okay hey no punching buddy oh I died all right I got this I got this now oh okay. The bad start oh man this weapons perfect for this guy I just need to be better at dodging his jumps [Applause] oh. Okay so I get, a bigger better one where I haven’t fully charged interesting shoot I did worse that time, all right sort of stay in the middle here whoa okay turned up at the workouts to help well I mean I. Probably should have ducked rip oh gosh what am I supposed to do against him okay I gotta hit the cross Hey okay gotta learn the – better all right well give him. Another we’ll give him another shot all right this guy is trickier I think for that third face is.

Not to stay at the same plane as her the guys with the spread shot Oh watch out for the laughs oh oh it’s too. Dang it she comes again oh oh boy go, in the opposite direction last time got it come on let’s get her to a moon face oh gosh oh dang it could have. Parried that too all right oh boy here come our aliens oh gosh no, there’s so much the Dodge dang it I last chain last try well that’s a good start we’re. Gonna retry that was an awful start the thing is you don’t really want to take out her other planes because that’s how you get your bonuses potentially but you also, don’t want to be overwhelmed by them all not you I don’t like you I don’t know stay away oh sweet I still have my invincibility. Uh one missed no frickin pause it’s not funny oh that’s a new one oh, gosh okay you need to go. Away now missed all those shots she introduced a new pattern that’s not right Oh get out of there . All right you keep freaking out I got my bomb ready at this point it’s just a matter of missed killing, her as quickly as possible yes oh okay she was definitely the toughest so far I can do great on everything else except for the HP bonus. The first boss but yeah that is cuphead it is good oh good I was hoping it, would like let me got expectations in a national absolutely has oh wow there’s there’s a way to cheat and get across there without, having to do anything what’s this guy’s to say my chip okay this is, a charming charming game and challenging to like it’s challenging but it’s also not unfair I never felt like the game was screwing me over and.

I greatly appreciate that I love a good challenge in a game and to get that with cuphead is is really. Wonderful I’d love to try the two-player mode at some point, and do it that way but for now that is cuphead and oh man I if you guys have a PC or the Xbox one totally. Recommend it there’s a lot of great games coming out right around now it’s it’s crazy so thank you guys, for watching and of course be sure to subscribe the GameXplain for more orang indie titles I’m gonna count this as end even though. Microsoft’s been going nuts with it but yeah. Hopefully we’ll get this ported on to other systems I hope that I hope that’s gonna happen but yeah with all that said thank you guys for watching and I’ll catch. You next time bye .

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