Hey there and welcome to play noggin I’m Julian your brains player to PC gamers are frame hungry cuphead mugman maniacs we spend hours tinkering with settings to squeeze the most out of our. Hardware pushing the system to render a handful of frames more every. Second climbing well past the console range of 60 fps and up into the hundreds but the latest game. That has PC gamers and their Xbox brethren abuzz can’t hit those lofty targets it tops out at 60fps and strangely.

Hand-drawn frames are shown, more than once sometimes twice in a row and sometimes three times in a row since the game is running two and.

A half times faster still the characters maintain that old cartoon magical movement and the difference is most noticeable when looking at Cup. Heads projectiles they’re animated at 24 FPS but they move across the screen butter smooth at 60 so if, you can see the difference between 60fps and 24 fps is there a point when you can’t tell the difference anymore in other words is there a maximum frame rate of the human, eye gamers have been debating that for years and the science behind, the answer is complicated to say the least for example if we’re just talking, about a light flickering then there is a frequency where it looks like it’s continuously on for most people that’s at about 60 Hertz or 60 cycles per, second this is a problem for film projectors playing back at 24 fps since people can notice the brief moments of darkness as the. Film advances movie theaters solve this with a shutter.

That flashes light through the same frame twice so even though the film passes through the projector at 24 frames per second the screen flickers 48 times per second and we don’t notice, blackness between frames but, that’s just flickering light what about movement how fast can our eye actually see something moving well it depends at which part of the eye we’re talking about the back. Of your retina isn’t uniform and different areas of your eye.

Perceive things differently the area right in the middle of your vision the foveal region is great at seeing detail but lousy at detecting motion meanwhile the periphery of your vision is excellent at detecting motion, that’s why the VR headsets have to run at 90 fps any lower and your periphery will. See through the illusion and start to make you sick at 90 FPS and above, frame rates start to look the same except to people who obsess over frame rates like PC gamers yes it turns out all that time. We spend caring about that one extra frame per second has actually made us more perceptive of motion nice work gang now try and. Put that aside. And enjoy cuphead for the glorious 24 FPS throwback that it is hey thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe if using all those frames has, made you a killer gamer check out our video on pub G to learn how. To make the most of your body’s natural ability to become a fighting machine and don’t forget to keep on playing .

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