Hey I’m not welcome back welcome back to Google cuphead online of a news I like it they’re all designed like their own cartoon I like that, episode oh hello goofy are we killing them yeah ever oh god holy whoa dude whoa this is a dashi of the stage in the ground I’m dead, Oh gotcha boy oh you got me no no oh I’m. Sorry lady don’t you know me it’s cool didn’t have to wait that long let’s try again okay are we trying to shoot or just avoid him I’m, assuming we’re trying to shoot, him oh Jesus oh man he is a fast bouncer I think it’s supposed to be like a proto slime from whoa, Oh Dan oh Dragon Quest oh yeah it kind of does look like sentimental bitch to Jesus silly a little bit huh sentimental bitch sentimental bitch thinking about oh get me, get me get me get me again, yeah oh he’s all upset now is it he’s a mad goo he’s just feeling look guys you okay oh yeah oh don’t forget me. Give me huh damn son love you this is hard as dicks. Dream about Karen trying treasure well oh that’s not good oh oh she we’re so far away oh it’s okay ah we should change to, this some long distance attack egde yeah boy yeah boy I’m trying my best yeah yeah well that. Was his final form at least that’s cool we got this here we go I like that I take a sip out of my own head it’s pretty, gross god damn you goopy LeGrande no we got him this time ah what got him this time got, him I can’t miss with my do a meringue that was the big I don’t know something you don’t know we’re getting a lot. Better at this though. Yeah damn it Aaron Oh was that me yes my bad oh oh you oh it’s the sound of a oh that’s not good oh that’s some yeah on my way down this shaving, it goes level 3 yeah oh boy I think we have to yeah. Whoa damn give them the – I’m gonna shoot him in the face all right how’d you get in the face how do I, do that you gotta shoot him in the face oh boy that’s rough cuz you can aim up and to the left boy, that’s real rough yes okay it’s not as hard as you think. Voila I’d love to wallop but you’re making it extremely difficult what I like the sound of like mugs breaking whenever we get, hit yeah we got this we got a system going my controllers choosing to vibrate once more, get ready for big oh I am not as skilled as I once thought good lord all right I tried oh. You got a duck now you’re a clever boy yeah you.

Got to do the only thing you can do well I try to jump mmm the second only thing I could do oh yeah are you doing it you doing it yeah you’re doing it. Didn’t you get other weapons yeah.

But it’s short-range I mean it’s pretty much short-range by the time you can hit him that’s true I think this is working well I want to . With this situation I know it’s gonna take a minute but yeah I don’t want to get greedy and it up it’s not. Greedy it’s smart thank you you can do it you can do it, are so close die down already just hit the left, trigger man you spread shots way better in this part okay Oh God I got him oh lordy oh sweet lord put them right. In Twain Oh I split Robins our wing twice well that’s a good. Good 30 hours it sure did that was rough but I loved it nice and Stella just told me my Thai food is. Here so my god everything’s really coming together for me these last 20 second was up damn dude mmm yes man nice oh he’s.

One of the souls we got oh yeah cool dude we’re doing the devil’s work yeah cool good to know we didn’t just kill him we’ll be delivering his, eternal soul to Satan what’s that you two want to fly in a. Plane like I just got three years ago well I gotta get these blueprints dude can you imagine being on like an airplane when they were invented like within the, last five years no thanks oh oh this is great oh dude he can shrink how do, you shrink oh, right right button then right triggers please speed interesting cool good a shot yeah let’s do it you can so Perry this is this is gonna be hard I know it is yeah, god yes wait aeroplane blueprint that that it no that’s just it Oh exit it’s, not a stage oh I guess you’re just learning I’m probably the next stage will be airplanes but we got to talk to this guy.

Again guess you two mugs are ready for the wild blue yonder just remember those birds are flying or, I’m rowing tricks fainting fine losing ground on a pipe here although you can still pair like Liggins sure, trained your tribe under need arises oh my God thank you.

Jesus here we go life store ah the threatening Zeppelin easy let’s do it confirm yeah you know we are playing like the tougher version yeah the hard mode oh jeez. Thanks girl oh god this is a in neighbor so shrink, is bad gotcha she’s killing me with her Haws oh jeez what is it oh god now I’m now I’m vibrating to, my of this is vibrating way too much this is in yeah very difficult atatatatat little hard it will. Say ah can we get me gimme yeah it is fun to save your friends yeah feels looking whoa god damn it OH it’s a twister Oh getting you yeah. Boy I’ll in save you whenever I can wait this game is lunacy, they did a beautiful job with it though ah gotcha nice save just in time yeah yeah it’s actually better to stay towards, the ground yeah sometimes you can’t though blow-ups oh geez what am i doing you’re, an atom bomb good job did I do any damage the god unclear oh sorry I had to avoid the.

Thing that’s okay completely understandable take her out avenge me brother see like the tiny flame yeah so many, Haws and beans I’ll make you go faster that’s the hole getting, shot at us good ganache oh good she upset she has a headache God why can’t people just stay dead nice this is insanity oh my god oh holy crap oh you were, suing that was only half moon you’re a close dude you were real close though we were.

Close not me nice alright this is one of the hardest games I think we’ve played to do commentary over because it just. Requires so much concentration harder than contra well country was so impossible that it didn’t even matter this I feel like actually could be beaten, oh yeah buy us a because we’re where we are pretty epic you know. Yeah how about you take care of her and I’ll I’ll kill the little guys it’s it go for. It okay I will only focus on Lady mystery this good she is man she’s got a back propellant. Hollows hollows this whore I have time on game grumps good we’re really. Gonna wallop her I can’t wait oh man what an arduous task .

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