Hey everyone Cuphead pc download and TAS here and I recently played cuphead I was streaming and every five minutes someone will pop in and say hey have you tried cuphead and I had, never even heard of it I kept calling a cup man cup boy I didn’t know what they were talking about but. I looked at the game it had a 10 out of 10 rating it’s like a 97%, on Steam and I think it just came out like a day or two ago I checked it out on twitch and there was.

Like 35,000 people playing so I mean obviously I guess 35,000, people watching so obviously this game has a bit of hype going for it already but I completely understand why the movement feels great the gameplay overall feels great the music is cool.

That this thing wins awards down the road because it is just so unique so different so cool I’m a big fan now you might. Be thinking yourself is this an advertisement is this a sponsored video absolutely not that’s how, impressed I am I’m so impressed that I feel compelled to tell people there’s 200,000 people that are almost. Subscribed to this channel I know you don’t all watch the channel but I feel like a game like this deserves, to succeed I think it deserves to have hype and I think people that maybe have never heard of it because it’s not a mainstream game it doesn’t have the advertising dollars, of a game like destiny or Diablo or, Call of Duty this game deserves to succeed this game deserves to have some money you know what I mean because if they made this game on a limited budget I can. Only imagine if. This game sells well what they can do the next time what they could do with the next game I am very very impressed honestly III played like an hour and a half tonight I was supposed to play, 15 minutes give it a little try and I couldn’t turn it off so I know I sound like I’m a, big hype train I’m. Hyping it up but that’s because I am hyped I’m very excited to have this fun game to play on the side when I’m done streams when I’m dinking around waiting. And I’ve got you know 15 minutes to play something this is. The thing I’m gonna throw on until I beat it until I beat a stupid piece of flour I.

Gain nothing from making this video I don’t get really gain anything from, telling people and if you buy this game I get nothing but I just was so impressed with it I felt obligated I felt like this game deserves it not, many games have ever made me feel this way where I feel like I need to tell. People I need to shout it out yeah baby cuphead cut boy cut man whatever the, you want to call it this game is sweet anyways that’s it for me that’s all. I wanted to say and I’ll see you soon my friends bye bye you .

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