Business your debtor friends cuphead ps4 download won’t be very friendly once you confront them in fact I expect they’ll transform to terrible beasts yeah I probably all the bosses that are gonna. Be in this game take this potion so they won’t hang, you out to dry I’ll give you the money it will give you the most remarkable magical abilities good my writing desk and use a mystical mystical inkwell they need to, prepare yourself for a scrap okay tutorial I mean let’s see what we have.

To do in this so duck you crouch and a weak jump I’m using a controller for this even though I’m on PC you guys. I feel like this game should be played with the controllers so and then we can shoot with this hold for rapid fire eight way, aiming okay cool aiming every direction oh, we gotta aim at that and yeah there you go a priest jump while airborne to nullify or interact with pink objects also builds your, super oh I get okay we can like do that where’s your ID your value of your dead pal with a. Little time Perry I mean that’s two-player though we’re gonna, be solo cuphead for this one so X move it up great attack there of course one super okay then we got our coins and I think that’s it. So pretty simple controls you shoot people you run you jump. You can – and you’re trying to survive all the evils of this world so let’s get out of a Kendall’s old kettle man’s house and we will start the actual, adventure here so glad you guys could join me glad you click this video if you wanted to see you know. A variety game maybe we’ll be doing more in the future who knows but it’s not this guy it blows looks like you’re, in for now, eh well I used to be the same way always getting into trouble running jump and shooting but now I prefer just strolling around and. Go into the pictures but hey let me give you a hand take this you receive three little coins look like pac-man alright cool so we got this the cross well it’s not that. It’s not called the cross that cross means click it on my controller because I’m using a ps4 controller now we’ve.

In this one we’re just getting the hang of it alright don’t oh okay dokie yep I’m gonna run away from that never gonna do this and then, oh I thought he was gonna jump okay you know we’re just getting hanging this one I’m a handsome slime bringing pain, one downside yeah your slime alright. You’re a bouncing slime okay yep this is a brawl against jumpy here alright jumpy oh if. We’re gonna do that just to be safe okay next one we’re gonna go and we’re gonna go is he gonna do the thing oh not bad I can get, a hang of this one oh I should have gone the other way what am i doing what is this. Oh we could probably jump in those oh he’s a bigger bouncy ball Wow. He’s gonna do something okay and we’re gonna go I mean you guys are, you gonna tend the jumps oh that was close it was really close I feel like this is really oh okay this was a good investment oh my. Gosh no he still hit me I love the music music so good I’m dead I’m dead hundred percent dad hundred, percent in the quarter you’re dead knockout okay we’re gonna get this way here we go here we go yep you’re far away you’re, too far away you can’t actually affect me I feel like, just staying in the middle is a good choice except when he does these things oh you’re so far away dude come on okay this. Is good look at that buddy’s damage what a pre-baked took damage. But we did the parry whoo jump kind of high ding-ding oh my gosh where did I go wait maybe you can duck maybe you can duck into that okay didn’t expect him to do like a small, job alright I think you could duck under the boxer. Under the boxer one you could definitely duck under that incorporate that into our routine here oh that was so fun, this is hilarious uh of course I think one there could be a side of the night and of course already down to two life. All right you steal. A ton of damage no how does he okay I got it somehow but I’m at one health you know, I don’t know how B then what is it super super honestly though what’s your super I don’t know how you do this super I really don’t, I forgot I forgot how to do I should look it up I need to figure out, how to do it just deal a lot of damage I can never get that middle one I don’t know, what what I’m supposed to do I’m clicking the button there we go duck in that oh that was a short jump I didn’t expect him to, do that should be on me okay that was precaution oh man we get him are you dead B some of.

Ribbing croaks okay, you know basically frog and toad do you know we did it okay so I think that’s gonna do it for this first episode who’s that guy we got that up there which. I can’t get to yet I’ve also got this area up here to go to which has this guy so I guess. We’ll do that next time but hope you guys enjoyed, this variety gameplay on the channel if you didn’t leave a like on it to subscribe if you’re not in case you want to see. The next one I will post the next one soon so look forward to that thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you all next time .

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