What is going on guys cuphead reddit here what is going on guys Marcel here I’m playing cuphead don’t deal with the devil Microsoft gave me a copy of this game a day. Early and I’m excited to play it when it, came out in 2015 like the trailers and stuff like that I was super pumped about it but finally it’s out I know it’s kind, of a difficult game ok well that’s all you need to know about the game right there I just simplified it, what’s going on so let’s just jump right into this I’m excited I truly like the art style at this game so I’m super excited to see how. That plays out in the actual image you have to read this once upon a time in. A magical place called inkwell Isle there were two brothers named cup headed mug man they live, without a care under the watchful eye of the wise elder kettle one day that, you’ve always wanted far from home and despite the elder kill as many warnings ended up in the wrong side of the tracks into the devil’s casino been, their inside cup head and mug man soon found themselves on a winning, streak at the craps table hot dog miss fame King dice the casinos sleazy manager these fellas can’t lose nice, run bullies laughed a newcomer the brothers gasps it was a casino owner the devil himself now how about we. Raised the stakes he suggests with a toothy grin win one more roll in all the loot in my.

Casino is yours the devil boomed but if you lose I’ll have your souls deal cuphead blinded by, easy riches nodded and grab the dice for a throw you cup head good gosh cuphead no cried mug man for he understood the danger but it was too late snake guys laugh the devil slamming the, floor you lose brothers trembled in fear as he loomed over them now, about those souls the brothers put it for the lives there must be another way way to repay you, bug man stammered yes people please mister cuphead added hmm perhaps there, is the devil snickered pulling out of parchment this music is getting me hyped up I have here a list of my runaway DEP DEP ters DEP debtors collect their, souls for me and I just pardon, but I just might party you two mugs now get going the devil roared kicking the boys out most really you have until midnight tomorrow to collect every one of those souls otherwise I’ll, be the one collected yours this is this is intense no no I cuphead a moment were telling me. Frightened by ran away as fast they could come on mug Panther Cup egg we have to find the elder. Kettle he’ll know what to do I. Don’t know why I’m talking like that like an old timey jazz black man come on now we know what to do jazz man what a fun pickle you boys have gotten yourself into I know you don’t want. To be pawns of the devil but if, you refuse I can’t bear to imagine your face you must play along for now collect those contracts so I’m like Ghost Rider basically. And you’d be best ready for some nasty business your debtors friends won’t be very friendly, once you confront them in fact I respect them transforming terrible beasts, take this potion so they won’t hang you out to dry they’ll give you the most remarkable magical abilities now go to my riding desk and use the mystical, inkwell there and you prepare yourself for a scrap oh my, mom’s calling me hey mom you want to say hi to everybody on YouTube love YouTube I will no mom Simone’s not pregnant all right simple enough simple, mechanics we got this we’ve dealt with worse oh my god this is really difficult for we move forward we can’t it doesn’t work that way it doesn’t work that, way Marcel damn, it no get away from me you I thought it was maybe like a super Mario kind of thing we’re exiting the map I don’t think you have to do this so as of right now we’re gonna. Skip it because. I just got destroyed so you don’t have to choose you can choose wherever you want to go photonic panic bot Nick or metonic bot Nick bot bot Nick or rules of, the news I’m thinking rusev. A news but this one’s closer which what are you supposed to do let’s do this one we’re gonna try it on regular and, because if you don’t do it on regular you don’t get to do the final bye Hey whoa-oh-oh-oh whoa-oh-oh-oh case is simple enough destroyed melted oh my god it’s a, giant onion he’s crying he’s. Crying now I’m sad got him got him peeled that motherer peel his mutton muffin cap back flutes a carrot a giant carrot for Heatseekers Heatseekers I shoot him I can’t oh my god son of a biscuit. Retry the carrot dude this is. A hard ass game tough potato oh god he lookin ass motherer come on come on come on.

Come on come on come on come on come on come over come over come on one nope nope, got him let’s go baby so it’s each one like a boss battle it’s not like a Mario thing we hit the platform through I got a B I’ll take it I’ll take it be – you know. I mean this is open now the root pack pebbles okay you got the roof pack soul contract nice, nice what do you do yeah I’ll be a. Monkey’s uncle if I’m putting button to learn to bank for all I know that Devils probably controlling that place -. Don’t never get her over to my coat if I spread it on around and if some Joe happens to find a, corner – good for him that’s what I’m saying this clip joint calamity flip joint calamity so fishy girl bro are you doing it alright so I. Don’t want to do this because I suck let’s do this one oh god oh god oh oh damn it damn it I. Was just let’s just talk, this one up to a loss let’s just talk it up to a loss let’s start over on that one because some bitch all about the – this. Is the first one dude. I’m beta as I missed okay alright okay alright alright okay take off your hat tip your hat boy um let’s just kill me just, kill me dude just kill me I want to start over pull up in pants boy we got this one this is our moment what is he. Doing now he’s got bigger he got bigger he got bigger, I miss come on okay okay this game is hard as dead and I duck underneath that you think think maybe maybe. Cool eat the biggest bag of dicks for that one he’s breaking me dog I’m broken right. Right I thought he’s gonna punch it’s okay I got this I got this Oh eighteenth time’s the, charm boys can’t get past the second in guy dude come on oh come on come on come on got him he’s dazed he’s dazed these days yes did we do, it no we didn’t do it yep okay nope nope nope.

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