Cuphead people love… cuphead Steam the new video game look at the reviews Everyone loves it people are saying cuphead is a pretty challenging game, but I just have one simple, question Is it just like Dark Souls The whole meme with Dark Souls of ga- shooters or Dark Souls of puzzles Dark Souls meets Firewatch. Crash Bandicoot has become, Dark Souls. The Dark Souls of space. Breath of the Wild is a little bit like Dark Souls.

Every game is like, Dark. Souls Oh man let’s go to my favorite video game journalist website polygon to find out cup editor repetition of being difficult it Isn’t the Dark Souls of 2D shooters? Oh really Polygon turns out you’re. Wrong because I have done a little. Bit of Journalistic work myself. I have found some evidence to show, uh, else-wise This is the footage of A games journalists, which I’m not gonna name who apparently spent 25 years writing for, games and This is him playing the tutorial., I absolutely love the art direction of this game. It is incredible You know he can’t seem to make this jump that you know I haven’t played the game myself So I don’t, know But. Maybe you were seeing it already it kind of went viral just because of how god-awful it is. I’m a huge fan. Of 1920’s, 1930’s animation cartoons It’s something that I used on my channel in the past is like a mid segue. It just has such a warm endearing feeling to it attached to it and just, the style and attention to detail is just incredible and Seeing how.

Well they implemented that in this game, you know it’s an, original idea to do that make that concept into a game But you can tell that they really put effort into details and making that possible He did it Thank God.. In his defense he tweeted out, “spoken by someone who hasn’t played it Yet, do me a favor.

And capture your first honest 26 minutes”. Okay. It’s time to do this What you are about to witness is the first, 26 minutes of PewDiePie playing cuphead. unedited raw footage Because I’ve got stuff to do today, and I haven’t got time to edit it. I’m sorry. I’m. Honestly a little nervous Maybe it is actually difficult. Okay here we go it is the tutorial all right. Okay?, Okay? Oh my god – I didn’t even know. I had to press shift. It was so intuitive Oh my god wait wait wait wait no no he used, a controller Maybe it’s more difficult I don’t mean to sound like an elitist or whatever if. People are bad, at games. I couldn’t care less, but if you’re writing reviews About games how can anyone trust what you’re saying when you clearly never bother to play a game properly, How can you struggle with this you don’t even have.

To press the direction… I love it, this game is so pretty Hey, you know what? This game is just like ‘legend of the brofist’! You.


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