Everybody and welcome to northernlion cuphead switch plays cup hit now contrary to what you might think I actually was not planning on making a cup head series I like everybody else, on earth who saw the footage of the game from various conventions in the past loved the art style and animation and the overall aesthetic that they’ve got going, on here of a. 1930s Disney cartoon but the game blade sort of didn’t look my style but I picked it up today which is yesterday for those. Of you watching the video on the date comes out and I started playing it and I was like oh it’s Megaman it’s contra this is like exactly my style, and the art animation music unified aesthetic are wonderful so.

It seems like a really good fit for a short ish one-off series of a game, where I can hopefully not make myself look like complete garbage at this video game I’ve already played a, little bit I played like an hour an hour and a half so a lot of the early game stuff I’ll probably be able to figure out for myself seems like the, overall game might be six eight ten hours long depending on how many times, we have to replay some of the bosses so I will let the story begin without talking over it once upon. A time in a magical place called inkwell aisle there were two brothers named cup head and mug man so obviously I’m gonna talk over I want, you been watching this channel for they lived without a care under the watchful eye of the wise elder kettle, one day the two boys wandered far from home and despite the other kettles many warnings ended up on the wrong side of, the tracks and into the devil’s casino inside. Cap head and mug band soon found themselves on a winning streak at the craps table, hot dog exclaimed king dice the casinos sleazy manager these fellows can’t lose nice run boys laughed a newcomer the brothers guessed it was the casinos owner the devil, himself now how about we raise the stakes he suggested with a toothy grin when one more roll in all the loot in my casino was, yours the devil boon but if you lose I’ll have your souls souls deal cuphead blinded by easy. Riches nodded and grabbed the dice for a throw. Good gosh cup head no cried mug man for he understood the danger but it was too late Snake Eyes laughed the devil, while slamming the floor you lose the brothers trembled in fear as he loomed over them now about those souls the brothers pleaded for their very lives there there must. Be another one way to repay you. Mug bang stammered yes please mister cup had added hmmm perhaps there is the devil remarked pulling out of parchment I have here a list. Of my runaway debtors collect their souls for me and I might just pardon you two mugs now get going the devil roared kicking the boys out most rudely you, have till midnight tomorrow to collect every one of these Souls otherwise I’ll be the one collecting yours cup. And mug men were terribly frightened in ran away as fast as they could come on mug. Panted cuphead we have to find. The elder kettle he’ll know what to do so the story starts with a basic conceit that you’ve lost your soul to the devil and you have to farm other angry Souls they’re not happy to be farmed. But they’re in the same punishment as you are talking to elder kettle first, what a fine pickle you boys have gotten yourself into I know you don’t want to be pawns of the. Devil but if you refuse I can’t bear to imagine your fates. You must play along for now collect those contracts and you’d best be ready for some.

Nasty business your debtor friends won’t be very friendly once you confront them in fact they’ll expect they’ll transform into terrible beasts take this potion so they won’t hang you out. To dry it will give you the most remarkable magical abilities you can see like the art and animation it’s so cool dude alright so first we’re gonna, go through the tutorial the much-vaunted cuphead tutorial I’m. Not gonna belabor the point it’s not particularly difficult but I’m gonna avoid using that as an opportunity to just be. Kind of a jerk now the one thing that’s interesting is this parry. System right here so by executing like essentially a double jump at a certain time on pink units or. Anything that has you know a pink hue associated with you can actually parry it now parrying does a couple of things.

You can see if you look in the bottom left I’m draining my special meter which is represented by those Ace of Diamonds down there every time, you parry successfully you gain a little bit of super meter back now these ghosts not that relevant I think outside of co-op but you will occasionally. Fight ghosts as well that are well maybe occasionally I mean. Once you’ll fight ghosts that you actually they have to kill by doing that but probably more than once. I imagine anyway we’re gonna get started here because essentially we’re good to go we got three HP we, start with three golden coins as well we’re gonna hit the world map now if you’re not familiar with the structure of Cup head don’t sweat it basically you walk through this world, you will encounter levels that you, can do in some of the levels are basically just bosses that you can fight as well but. It’s all beautiful and hand-drawn hey fellows looks like you’re in for it now hey well I used to be the same way. Always getting into trouble running jumping shooting but now I just prefers throwing around going to the pictures but hey let me give you a hand. Take this there’s our three golden coins now. That allows us to come down here and buy something from our shopkeeper and I think these are different every single time let’s, see what we got no maybe they’re the same every time for three coins we can’t buy chaser which is a shot type long-range with below average damage no aiming. Required also it’s the homing shot we. Have four coins my bed we got one of the tutorials extra hit point spread short range with great damage smoke bomb allows us to not take. Damage when we – I’m gonna start with that because I started with that last, time as well and then we have to go and equip that on our equipment menu so basically I just got a wave – that allows us. To not take damage when we dash through an enemy which can be really valuable defensively in my limited experience we are gonna fight this guy but, not quite yet first we’re gonna do this. Level forest Follies so there’s coins to pick up there’s different objectives that you want to meet but your basic objective on any mission income paid is just to get to, the end while still being alive sometimes it’s easier than it might have been, made out to you to be sometimes it’s not this is pretty much like a tutorial level here but it’s kind. Of like again I watched a lot of footage as I’m sure a lot. Of people did of the game in advance of its release I really thought it looked like a wonderful art style but a little bit of generic. Gameplay I’m happy to report that at least from my interpretation, it is not that it is like if you’re a fan of classic Mega Man games and you know I’m not the only person on. Earth who is a fan of those if I might acquiesce myself and and stuff like contra this is gonna be right up your alley. In fact I think you’ve got almost like a built-in advantage over a lot of, the other people playing the game these blue guys are like the only thing that’s really tough here in. The early game oh you know what we can parry that and get the coin let’s try it, he’s a god I didn’t do that last time but we want to hit three Perry’s because if he hit three, Perry’s we get the maximum amount of marks that we could conceivably get and and maybe get a higher rank on this the first. Time I did this level in my off-camera save which by the way I’m not, gonna do the whole game off-camera I just did a little bit to vet it in advance I got a c-minus no, I got a c-plus on the first level not that bad but not necessarily that good either I think it’s it’s fair to say to get higher marks get hit less, often finish the level with more HP I’m not sure if killing more enemies gives, you a bonus no got impatient but also like parrying and. Remember you can carry anything with like a pink element on it parrying also gives you if you parry three times you get the maximum marks you can get for that you’ll. See the grading system I’ve been explaining it. Pretty poorly as we’ve been playing first level though no problem took us minute and 57 seconds two out of three HP one parry all the gold coins skill level two stars I don’t. Know what that means our greatest ABI I.

Future of cuphead let’s see how we did here two minutes yeah that’s right two minutes that’s all. It took we skipped an obvious coin it must have missed another one we got a B – all except it for now though thanks for watching if you want to, pick up cuphead for yourself I recommend it I’ve had a great time with the, game so far it’s 20 bucks available on Steam from the link of the video description below it’s the kind of game you can play along with me although you’ll. Be done way before I am at a pace of a video a day if you enjoyed the episode. Click the like button helps out a, great deal and of course subscribe if you want to see more in the future it really helps out a lot for a, series in its infancy for now thanks for watching and I will see you guys tomorrow for episode 2 of cuphead . .

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