Cuphead Wiki dare you to play cop heads okay here it is cap ends now this game is starting to become a legend already on the, internet and I’ve been looking forward to this game for so so long that’s because it is a very unique, kind of traditional platformer because as you can see every part of the game is made with traditional animation techniques. So if you think like the super old-school Mickey Mouse that kind of vibe is this game which we’re just, about to find out but not only that is also gained legendary status because it’s difficult really difficult without further ado let’s play Hey look at this carpet don’t deal with the devil okay, I won’t once upon a time in a magical place called, inkwell aisle there were two brothers named cup heads and mug man I guess that’s these do chumps and that, guy right there is elder kettle fantastic and they ended up with the, devil’s casino okay well what else the two cups meant to do huh so they start winning Lots and then the devil himself started. To raise the stakes this isn’t goods one more roll and the whole casino is ours other things is gonna go well is it carpet said. Yes bug head said no cop head threw the. Dice but what happens of course we lost oh and they’re gonna lose their souls but they’re cops they’re not souls.

Today okay instead they’re going to and do some of the devil’s bidding they’re gonna recollect the souls of some runaway debtors of the devil so. We’re gonna be his is bailiffs I guess now get going hopefully there’s some the story of for. You basically we we risked our souls at the casino we lost and then we managed to convince the devil to let us go and collect Souls so that we don’t have to, give him ours, I mean that seems pretty fair right hey and there’s the Quetzal I mean look how cool this game looks it’s insane we’re a fine pickle you’ve got yourselves into. I know you don’t want to be the, pawns of the devil but if you refuse I can’t bear to imagine your fates you must play along for now collect those contracts, and you’d best be ready for some nasty business your debtor friends won’t be very friendly once you confront them in, fact eggs they’ll transform into terrible beasts take this potion so they won’t hang you out to dry it’s guys in the Seine it’ll give you the most remarkable magical, abilities now go to my writing desk and use the mystical inkwell there.

You need to prepare yourself for a scrap that’s so cool guys is amazing right I’m gonna do the tutorial quick, and I’ll be back as a cop headmaster down to crouch I’ve got an a to jump I’ve got it – got it shoot that’s what I’m talking about oh, my goodness look at this yo check this out, yeah haha e^x move huh yes okay and use up a playing card in the bottom that’s nice tutorial done I told you cop headmaster now let’s. Do this I’m ready for the challenge I’m outta here grandpa let’s go you know, even the world screen is amazing look at this ha ha this guy’s an apple Fred oh he’s gonna give us something, yeah that’s not talking about always trust an apple guy what we can buy things – the pig scares me so, I’m getting out of here Forest Foley’s running gun let’s go oh ok ok. I’m going I’m going I’m running I’m going in let’s go oh jeez what are these flowers about, get out of here I don’t trust you but yo this is amazing look all the. Graphics and stuff it’s so so cool and someone’s firing purple clouds at me is that you mushroom get out of here took all these crazy plans what is that ha ha Oh God ow, our there twice I do not appreciate that flower that’s throwing fire at me and these sunflowers, are crazy fast as well what are these guys oh my goodness things are getting crazy this is. Way crazier than I thought it was gonna be oh my, goodness right that can get out of here let’s get you out of here – oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my gosh there’s so much stuff come on. Cuphead run for your life run for your life this. Is the first level and I’m already like panic inning stuff it’s not goods whoa okay kill a acorn get out of here buddy look go. Wait oh oh one HP left already Oh once I got over halfway though, people weren’t kidding this game is crazy okay I feel like I’ve warmed now let’s see if we can give this a go so I can just hold the X button and just, fire everything I think that’s that’s the way you need to do this yeah that’s what I’m talking about this is much better get out, of here mushroom I don’t trust you at all go away these, guys know those purple those purple flowers throwing the fireballs are in sane out why, did I do that because when that acorn comes in that acorn needs to leave me alone there he is oh no no how would I say ACORN okay I’m. A bit further than I was before this is over halfway this acre what what was that how, do I do this how do I do this why am i finding this, so difficult there’s like it’s just a jump what how do I do that.

Normally I’m not even gonna complain there’s so many mushrooms arounds just oh jeez are you kidding me a corn maker okay let’s get that out of here I definitely don’t. Like the acorns can I use. My special yeah that’s not talking about haha mister oh my goodness I almost got killed by that I have no idea, how I was supposed to do that jump normally you can’t even double jump or can you that wasn’t in the tutorial I promise no don’t do, this guys don’t do this I’ve only got one HP left no come on time this properly just think of Mario think. Of Marin he’ll be fine oh man you can go away please there we go little mushrooms I must be close to, the ends I have to be oh is this it yes I did it only the first Oh Oh it gives you. A grade as well come on come on show me the grade a two star skill level what grades I get a b-minus you know, what that’s. Actually okay I’m not too upset with that at all this game is nuts like actually crazy I’m also playing as a cop that has a soul so I, guess it’s out to be crazy right okay so there’s also these random.

Levels here I think there’s one there and there’s one here let’s see weapons when we put regular bow Tanic panic is I think. They’re like minigames let’s have a look oh okay it’s up is that a boss fight what what is this are you a potato why, are you spitting out worms and dirt definitely a worm okay so it looks like we have normal, levels but then we also have like boss levels as well is the potato dead already, ha-ah an onion Oh what is going on go away onion don’t cry on me please this is insane this game is amazing I love it already yes get out here, your onion, punk don’t be crying nobody no more what other stuff will we got an evil carrots fantastic look at these they’re actually coming towards me okay this is not good this is not good oh no no. No he’s got what’s this carrot has a third eye what is even going on careful now careful, now let’s just kill this guy huh oh.

I have to get rid of his missiles first this crazy pun yeah I think I’ve got this I think I’ve got this I, just needs to get out of his laser I command me carrots Khan he must be close to dying now surely no I can him even when he’s not using his my I. Didn’t know. What fine mr. potato you come here you come here you punk I’m gonna take you down you giant spud yeah right onion boy you’re next go and cry cry for me I’ll tell you. A nasty joke and you can cry ever more Oh what do that what do the, red tears do they hurt me okay let’s not do that there he is the man of the, hour mr. carrot with the third eye what is he doing to his head I mean I did not think, this game was gonna be this call out No okay I’ve already got one HP this is not. Good hahaha we meet again mr. spuds are you going down when they said this game was hard.

I didn’t think I’d be stuck on the first level I mean come on I’m already down to one HP. I am the worst gamer ever right I just need to be patient I just need to get rid of these carrots and then avoid his dastardly eye yeah that’s the stuff. Yes I got him say. That you punk i won happy a carosone game is that gonna be an A I mean I don’t think so what’s it gonna be what’s it gonna be C. – yes yeah look at that, oh we unlock new bits oh of course I got the soul contract the root pack perfect right what is this shifty looking guy saying mmm I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I’m puttin my moolah, in the bank for all I know the devil probably controls that place. Too they’ll never get a hold of my gold if I spread it all around and if some Joe, happens to find a coin or two good for him that’s what I say um okay we’ve. Got a bow up next or we can go ahead and go up here to the tree I mean I’m gonna go for the tree Roos Avenues let’s do this well crazy guys we’re, gonna, have to fight this time hello how are you buddy he’s actually only gonna snow no no okay he’s actually like some kind of ooze blob it’s, gonna expect that I just love the game style ah what do not do that to me again oh, my goodness so it looks like you need to kind of like learn the boss and then see what he does. No no no see I know this one now makes his head giant and squashes me don’t do it what are you doing what are you doing.

What why are you taking oh my goodness okay no this is not good haha he’s giant and he’s got a giant boxing glove as, well this guy’s a madman it’s hard, when he bounces off the edge you know yeah I’m dead he crushed me I’m dead already I got over halfway on the first time I. Could definitely finish this in this video right there mr. blob I bow to you and.

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