X Bendy

Hey I’m not suger Aaron put on his aviator goggles in real life to play this game oh I’m blue now hold on we should, cuphead x bendy swap oh god how did that happen well why is this controller all warm you’ve only been holding it for a second I was, holding it oh man I would hope so all right ah try high I mean I got hot is. What I meant to say and then I got hot watch out for this bull he’s gonna charging oh yeah we still play we still played what. Are we still doing that I’ll take care of everyone else so I guess so it’s not really practical oh what’s.

Not practical because sometimes there’s nothing on screen yeah and like then just default to the balls no. Holes no but sometimes sometimes going. To the shoot the little guys puts me in more danger than I got back yeah she’s got. Their homing stars are they oh they are now sprinkles I tittie sprinkled myself titties pranks teespring you so close you tit.

In since we’ll need to explain this, later I’m just parried and froze the game they shot a pink star at me so I parried it and apparently I didn’t do it at the right time yeah or you did, it at the extremely right – yeah and it just like and this this bitch. Went Full Tilt didn’t know what to do and it just froze the game okay um amber and and we’re starting over stay back oh this Thanks oh sorry that’s so. Focused I know I know do you think you’re doing great ah oh thank god okay thanks, oh my god it happened yeah that was so brutal you’re so brutal you guys at least put it in the point. Where I was like concentrating too hard alright back we go okay oh boy man.

Oh yeah yeah that’s here let me hit the Helderberg that’s her name did i do right hit, continue the top right Oh like that I’m learning things. Yeah okay all right here we are at Russia tap trouble yeah Ronen gun good more trouble finally we’re not those tight like I, I never thought I’d say this I am so happy to deliver that woman’s soul to Satan I mean good good maybe that’s what the emotion of this this game, is supposed to invoke whoa woody think you really just want to be. A part of Satan’s life you know yeah see me want you in my life it’s Eden FML Satan’s. Not in it don’t think you can kill woody oh god it’s just a take so many hits get, out of here with that can I jump on your head or something maybe good – ah got it hooray do we share. The coins yes cool working together teamwork . Oh boy man is woodpeckers everywhere sigh damn it Oh got you boy live damn it live oh man this there’s some trouble in the streets out close hold on let me. Switch to that oh this is clue some close-quarter stuff so let me switch to so. Stronger yeah guys take a ton of hits. Yeah there we have that’s a long time ago now this is what I’m talking about I tell you know movies good when you see. In a trailer that somebody says now that’s what I’m talking about that’s true mine Oh God oh nice cool man I worked out yeah, dude you got it for me [Applause] well these guys just come for her yeah they are the enemies spawn forever dang so fighting, oh cool sick yeah so anything that’s pink you can parry Wow oh ah it’s okay good luck dad that damn. Look on their faces oh yeah the. Dash is a good idea over there nice yeah that’s what I like to call a nice see I don’t even want mother game crumbs holy crap this game, yeah do you, want to play frisbee we make fun times .

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