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Before Cuphead x box one and x download game, there was Newgrounds. Where a bunch of kids brought their ideas to life with cartoons. If this can be considered animation, Then I was one of those kids, trying to make something special for people to watch on the Internet Let’s take a look at one of my, first videos: the great Yoshi migration. Uploaded on December 1st 2003 What the was that piece of . I created it I, don’t understand what the just happened there now in the sequel. Here If you look to the left side you can actually see the Yoshi Continually running in place. Because I didn’t know how to change the size of the screen And then I hit you with the scrolling text except We see the end of, the sentence first so that kind of ruins everything it wasn’t until 2004 where I would seek the help. Of the commenters. Here the description is tell me what you liked and Disliked [aobut] this movie. As. You can imagine the comments were very Insightful. The Seven Panther said gay. Fuck you you. I’m Italian I noticed, all the best animations on the internet featured talented cast of voice actors in beautiful crisp drawings of original characters, so I made this Critics were blown.

An animator. In general these boss fights are around two minutes long And I’d assume in that time you’ll see around 300 different frames of animation per boss. That means 300 times drawing, Inking and coloring, the one guy over there for this reason the art direction of cuphead has been Universally praised the difficulty of the game however has come under some criticism and to be completely honest. I am, NOT the best guy at video games. I can’t beat, Castlevania I can’t beat punch-out and I especially can’t beat Contra okay? And the first thing. You need to know about cuphead is that this game is a dickhead I’d say, it’s right on the border of complete horse And go yourself in a game where every millisecond counts the frame by frame Animation. Is a perfect match the player is forced to carefully observe the boss while attempting to dodge 50 Projectiles at the same time the genius part.

Is because the bosses are so detailed the way they Telegraph their attacks can. Range from Incredibly obvious to frustratingly subtle while still being fair. On the other hand there is a level of.

Randomness on a couple boss fights seconds sometimes cheap the player out of a hit Usually with attacks that are kind of disconnected from what the. Boss is visually doing. Also, Some of these upgrades feel more like downgrades to me. Steam says it took me 13, hours to beat this game, so 7 hours on this dumb dragon 4 hours on this piece of bumblebee boss. And, then the rest of the game was probably about an hour long “persistence” Is the key word.. Going back to newgrounds there were so many moments when I was a kid that I thought I had. Something really special. I worked so hard for months on some, of those movies and when I finally put them up the reception was “Gay” and that was crushing for me,, but for some reason I kept going back again and again and again eventually, EVENTUALLY, I got better. I got better after seven rage quits 13 controller, throws 28 angry comments like you have the developers I got better at the game so for those of you Who’ve thrown in the towel at this point? I’m saying try, it again, man, you can do it You really gotta parry those pink attacks because that’s gonna chop off a. Significant portion of the fight And you got to equip the smoke bomb and the scatter shot especially the smoke bomb, this thing is like a hundred times better than Every other power up there are moments in company where you’ll, say. this game this is bull and trust me some parts in here really are – But there’s so much love put, into these boss fights that you can’t just walk away You gotta see it all you gotta beat it all, and you gotta buy my new hot dogs, I give “cupfoot” four out of five *Nazi national.

Anthem* *just kidding ragtime piano music*.

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